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Overstrain of the central nervous system

Can manifest as inhibition and excitation. If CNS depression, with weakness, reluctance to exercise, lethargy, decreased blood pressure prescribe tonic and a stimulant: drugs adaptogenic, and tonic herbal medicines imported (vigorex, brento, etc.). Adaptogens - drugs that increase nonspecific resistance to adverse environmental influences. This group includes drugs of vegetable and animal origin or chemically synthesized. It is believed that adaptogens are completely harmless for the organism and have a wide therapeutic effect. They have a long history and came to us from the Eastern countries. The most studied drugs of adaptogens of plant origin is ginseng, schisandra chinensis, Rhodiola rosea (Golden root), leuzea carthamoides (maral root), Eleutherococcus senticosus, aralia Manchu, sterculia platanolistna, oplopanax (echinopanax high), black cohosh Daur, solanine, solasodine, the drug aescusan (extract of horse chestnut), preparations of different algae (turkulin, Marinel-sport) and marine animals, as well as Pantocrinum, pantohematogen, lipocerin, bee products (bee bread, pollen, bee pollen, honey, propolis, cell honey and apilak - Royal jelly is a useful General tonic exhausted and weak after a serious illness of patients, contributing to the appearance of appetite, weight gain, appearance of vivacity and cheerfulness).

Approx. edited by: bee Products in General are a promising class of drugs the so-called "natural" pharmacology, because without any harmful effects on the body, they have a restorative effect and improve stamina and performance. It is recommended to take pollen mixed with honey 2 times a day 1 tablespoon for 30 days. To prepare this mixture by mixing 50 grams pollen 250 grams nezasaharennogo honey, and it must be stored in a glass container in a dark place. The result is improved cardio-pulmonary and muscular systems, increases maximum oxygen consumption, improve the indicators of hemoglobin and erythrocytes.

Some of these adaptogens included in combined preparations, which are produced in the form of medicines and biologically active additives to food, as, for example, Elton, leveton, fitton and adaptor.

Medicines from the group of adaptogens was first studied ginseng, and later was proved high effectiveness of Eleutherococcus and other preparations in combined application with the products of beekeeping. They increase the efficiency and resistance to a wide range of adverse factors, which allows for a new appreciation of the indications for their use in sports medicine. The history of the use of ginseng in Chinese medicine more than 2,000 years. "Constant use is a road to longevity," claimed elderly residents of the East, constantly applying this root to improve their mental and physical States. For a long time in Europe have not been evaluated for its medicinal properties, which absorbed the strength and power of the Chinese mountains, but soon the ginseng has been widely used on the continent.

With increased excitability, sleep disorders, irritability, light used hypnotics and sedatives: Valerian, motherwort, passionflower. The course is 10-12 days. In combination with these drugs can be administered also glutamic acid and glycerophosphate of calcium, improves nervous activity and improves mood.