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Fashion trends spring-summer 2016

Not one season in the industry of a mode is traced laconic style — minimalism. A huge number of brands refuse an ostentatious saturation, bright tinsel and "excesses". The most famous designers prefer the common clothes sewed with taste which look not strikingly, but stylishly.

This direction has no strict restrictions. Dresses differ in lack of finishing, a simple cut, qualitative materials.

Despite it fashion week the spring-summer 2016 provided absolutely other models. There were pastes, Lurex, lace, a corrugation, an embroidery, a fringe, flounces, contrast inserts, laid on leaves anabolic steroids canada and flowers. Thus, our favourite designers noted that boring images, common lines, the same faces are not inherent to a modern mode.

Mode spring of 2016: trousers

Ina female mode summer — spring of 2016trousers —an actual trend. In the next season it will be possible to carry everything —from classics todifferentoptions Bermuda, a palace, Capri. The only thing, they shouldemphasizeexclusively  figure, leaving the place to complete comfort and self-confidence.

Distinctive feature of fashionable women's trousers is saturated color. At the same time leadership is allocated for red. Some styles remind jeans on a cut and the invoice, is proud the pastes "bearing" on themselves and an embroidery.

Mode of summer of 2016: tops

In the summer of 2016 it will not be necessary to take courage to show some parts of a body as at the height of fashion there steroids for sale canada will be short tops. Women of a lyubogovozrast, with a different constitution will be able to note this tendency. Praetor the overestimated waist will be actual for all, and underestimated for youth style.

Dresses 2016

The dressis an opportunity to remainstylishand attractive at all seasons of the year. Ina new season of 2016 designerswill let out a bolshoyekolichestvoof various daily dresses—from summer airy sundresses of dostrogy sheath dresses.

Daily mode spring-summer 2016

For walks on the city, shops stylists recommend to use dresses from flax, a chintz, and also jeans sundresses, dresses in style of a safari. Knitted models can be added with sports attributes.

Dresses 2016 are a direct silhouette, a simple form, length to and below a knee, pass, maxi. As specialists consider, even such copies allow to emphasize all beauty of a female body.

The drapery which draws attention to certain parts of a body and looks very effectively will be involved in collections of many fashion designers. It is capable to place emphasis on area of a waist, hips, to give to an image romanticism and felinity.

In 2016 dresses with a geometrical print, patterns from flowers, rhombuses, squares and strips will become fashionable. Products of gentle shades will be decorated with animation characters, drawings of animals.

Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Antonio Maras and other brands will pay special attention to a female waist, having emphasized it with corset inserts, belts, laid on flowers, etc.

Fashion trends of 2016: jeans

Jeans of future season are a bright variety of prints, flowers and embroideries. Lime, orange, crimson, yellow, emerald, blue — you will be able to select any gamma and to be delightful. The most fashionable models are classical straight lines, the shortened pipes, skin and "rvanka". From materials designers gave preference to the easy and average density of fabric, and also streychevy structure.